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If you are an Olympian/Paralympian or know of an Olympian/Paralympian in need please go to the Contact Us page or Grant Process page.

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Your donation will help Olympians & Paralympians who have fallen victim to accident, illness, or injury.

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Find out more about the grant process including where the money comes from and who is eligible.

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The OPRF is staffed entirely by US Olympians & Paralympians who volunteer their time and energy. 100% of all donations go directly to providing assistance to America's Olympic & Paralympic heroes, and the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee has been matching each gift, dollar for dollar.

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It takes sacrifice, discipline, and hard work to win a spot on the United States Olympic & Paralympic Team. If you can make the Team, chances are you can make it through many of life's toughest moments. Sometimes even the most iron-willed are overwhelmed.